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Handmade Golden Metal Diya Urli
This item is 100% handmade
Size - 12x12x2 inch

A handmade golden metal Diya Urli measuring 12x12x2 inches sounds like a beautiful and traditional home decor piece. Diya Urli is a traditional Indian vessel used for decorative purposes, especially during festivals like Diwali. Let's explore more about this item:

Handmade Craftsmanship: Being 100% handmade, this Diya Urli reflects the skill and artistry of the artisan. Handcrafted items often carry a unique touch and showcase the cultural heritage of the region they come from.

Golden Metal Finish: The golden metal finish adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to the Diya Urli. The golden hue symbolizes prosperity and warmth, making it a perfect addition to festive decor or as a statement piece in your home.

Diwali Decor: Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a significant festival in India. During Diwali, homes are adorned with various decorative items, including Diya Urlis. Placing the Diya Urli at the entrance or in the puja room can create a welcoming and auspicious atmosphere.

Home Decor: The Diya Urli can be used as a centerpiece or as a decorative element in your living room, dining area, or any other space in your home. Its intricate design and golden finish can add a touch of traditional charm and elegance to your interior decor.

Festive Occasions: Apart from Diwali, the Diya Urli can be used to decorate your home during other festive occasions or special events like weddings, housewarming ceremonies, or cultural celebrations. It can serve as a beautiful focal point or a base for floral arrangements.

Versatile Usage: The Diya Urli can be used in different ways, such as filling it with water and floating flowers, petals, or tea lights. You can also place aromatic candles or potpourri in the Urli to create a soothing and fragrant ambiance.

Size and Dimensions: With dimensions of 12x12x2 inches, the Diya Urli is large enough to make a statement yet compact enough to fit in various spaces in your home. The size allows for versatility in placement and ensures it catches the eye.

Cultural Significance: In Indian culture, Diyas hold symbolic importance, representing the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Using a Diya Urli as part of your home decor pays homage to these traditional beliefs and customs.

The handmade golden metal Diya Urli is not only a visually appealing decorative piece but also carries cultural significance. Its craftsmanship, golden finish, and versatility make it an ideal addition to your home decor, especially during festive occasions or as a traditional statement piece.



Material Metal (IRON)


Size - 12/14/16 

Diya Urli

SKU: FS-107
$95.00 Regular Price
$85.50Sale Price
3 Pounds
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