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Marble Bowl is made out of a single piece of marble.
- Marble Ruffle Bowl is a perfect gift for everyone.
- Hand carved bowl has a round floral design.
- Marble fruit bowl is finished in such a way that it will remain the same for years.
- Stone bowl is made out of natural raw materials so it is completely eco friendly.
- NO Harmful chemicals have been used to make the round bowl.
- Marble Fruit bowl is 100% organic, so can be used for keeping fruits and food items. It will never react with any food item or cause any damage to the nutritional content of the food product.
- As marble is a natural product and its nature is cold, so it absorbs the negativity of the room and makes it feel fresh and natural.
- Every marble bowl which we make will be unique in respect of shape and color. The lines and spots in marble are natural and add a unique feature to each product. As it is all handmade, so every piece will have unique carving of its own which is not be considered as any kind of imperfection.

. Marble fruit bowl can be placed on the dining table as tableware and can be used as a fruit bowl or serving bowl.
2. Marble ruffle bowl can be the perfect birthday gift men and gift for her.
3. Marble ruffle bowls can be used as decorative trays by pouring water and adding some flower petals to them to make them look like a floral bowl.
4. Hand carved bowl can also be used as a jewellery dish for putting jewelry and as a ring tray for putting rings.
5. Marble floral bowl can be used for dining & serving and for kitchen & dining.
6. Marble flower bowl is best used as gift bowl for wedding gifts, anniversary gift, Christmas gift, gift for friend, gifts for him, vintage gifts, wedding gift.
7. The white stone bowl is also very useful for serving guinea pig dish.

Handcrafted Marble Decorative Bowl Ripple Marble Bowl White Marble

SKU: FS-213
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